The 2021-22 school year has already started in most of Idaho’s public schools.  That means that most IEA members are already hard at work teaching Idaho’s future, all the students that appear at the schoolhouse doors every morning.  Those members face the challenge of trying to “catch up” from the “Covid” year and meeting the challenges of the pandemic that is not quite over.

IEA and NEA Member Benefits is dedicated to making the lives of our members better.  We know the challenges you face every day and are here to help with benefits that can help make your personal and professional lives better.

The five dozen benefits available to you because you are a member are designed specifically to meet your personal and professional needs.  Be sure that you become familiar with all of those benefits so that you can take advantage.  Check out the NEA Member Benefits web site (www.neamb.com) and the IEA Member Benefits web site (ieamemberbenefits.org)

IEA Member Benefits also has a Facebook (www.facebook.com/IEAMemberBenefitsCorp) that can be a resource for you.

Use your benefits and have a good year.  Keep yourself and your students safe.