NEA Member Benefits knows how much NEA members love to travel, and we are seeing members start to venture out. We want to assure you that NEA Member Benefits and our partners are here to help you plan trips while making health and safety the top consideration. Please see the information below about the precautions our partners are taking and ways to save now.

Car Rentals
Both Enterprise and Hertz have implemented more rigorous cleaning and disinfecting processes for its cars, shuttles and service locations. In addition, agents are wearing mask and gloves, and they are wiping down all counters and surfaces after they finish interacting with travelers. They are also enforcing social distancing between agents and members, as well customers between other customers. Both companies have relaxed their cancelation policies in case the member is unable to travel to his or her destination.

See how you can save at both companies below:

Enterprise: Receive special discounts off of base rates. Go to:  

Hertz: Save up to 25% on car rental base rates plus enjoy bonus savings on qualifying rentals. Visit:


Trafalgar is hoping to resume worldwide trips on September 1. The company has implemented additional steps and procedures to heighten hygiene protocols, comply with physical distancing requirements by cognizant government authorities and give members peace of mind when traveling in the current environment. If a member books a guided tour and needs to cancel, or if Trafalgar cancels, the member may take one of the following actions:

1. Rebook the same trip for a later date at no penalty

2. Rebook a different trip for a later date at no penalty

3. Receive a Future Travel Credit (FTC) to use by December 31, 2022

Members can also transfer their reservation or FTC to other members, friends or family. Right now, members can receive 10% off when booking a guided tour! Visit:



NEA Member Benefits and the NEA Members Insurance Trust are excited to announce that, as of June 25, 2020, NEA members can enroll in the premium version of the NEA Student Debt Navigator for a full year at no cost!

The NEA Student Debt Navigator, offered in partnership with Savi, a social impact technology company working to solve the student loan debt crisis, was developed in response to an astounding $1.5 Trillion in student debt burdening 43 million Americans today. The average NEA member carries student loan debt of $25,000 to $30,000, with many topping $40,000! The tool helps student loan borrowers navigate the confusing landscape of loan repayment and forgiveness options available through the federal Teacher Loan Forgiveness and Public Service Loan Forgiveness programs.

While NEA members have had free access to the basic version of the online Student Debt Navigator—previously called the NEA Student Loan Forgiveness Navigator—for more than a year on, the premium version was available for a fee of $29.95 per year (albeit highly discounted from the $99 annual cost to the general public).

The major advantage of the premium version of the Navigator is that it provides the technical support of Savi’s student loan experts who can answer members’ questions and help them fill out and e-file their student or public service loan forgiveness applications. This personal assistance greatly increases the likelihood that members will successfully complete the process and, hopefully, reduce or eliminate some of their student loan debt!

The year of premium access to the NEA Student Debt Navigator is one of the no-cost benefits provided by the NEA Members Insurance Trust, which include the NEA Introductory Life and NEA Complimentary Life Insurance programs.

To check out this benefit:


With some of the COVID-19 related restrictions being relaxed in the United States and around the world, the travel industry is predicting increases in short-term travel experiences close to home, like hotel “stay-cations” and road trips to visit family and friends. In fact, Educator Access is seeing some of this behavior within its own programs as more IEA members appear to be booking weekend getaways low-key adventuring this summer.

With that in mind, IEA Member Benefits thought now would be a good time to refresh members’ memories on how the hotel booking platform works. Here is a brief 90-second video that we encourage you to view.

As you explore the travel booking site, you may notice Access has used the recent pandemic downtime to increase its inventory feeds, improve surfacing best locations and offers, and added other minor enhancements to improve the overall user experience.

To use the Access discounts, go to the IEA Member Benefits website, scroll down to see the IEA membership card, click, and follow the prompts. 

Your Safe Summer Savings

You don’t have to go far for a safe and relaxing getaway with your Access Educator Discount. Click on any of the deals below and you will be directed to the Access Educator Discount website where you can explore these great discounts.

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