TicketsatWork Launches Rewards Program

TICKETSatWORK.COM is an IEA member discount program which allows members to save money on favorite travel and entertainment products (theme parks, major shows in Vegas and NYC, etc.), hotel bookings, retail purchases and more. This discount program just got better with a loyalty program called FunLife Rewards.

FunLife Rewards will allow you to:

• Earn points on eligible purchases like theme parks, attractions, hotels, and more.
• Redeem points towards future purchases like getaways, new shows, and other fun.
• Get extra-savings on TicketsatWork.

You can participate:  Go to, click on the “sign in” box at the top of the homepage.  You then create a username and password. You will also need the IEA corporate code which you can request via our Contact Page.

Once you are signed in on the ticketsatwork website you are automatically signed up for FunLife Rewards. Just purchase any eligible travel and entertainment product, and you’ll automatically start earning points. Try it today!