Social Media!! It’s Everywhere!

Be it Facebook, YouTube and all the other social media platforms that almost everyone in the world uses today, it’s EVERYWHERE.  Your Association’s Member Benefits program also attempts to reach all our members using some of these vehicles.  We want our members to realize the value of their membership in our organization and take advantage of those benefits to improve their lives.

Monthly, from September through May, IEA Member Benefits utilizes our YouTube channel to bring you a short summary of a couple of benefits.  We call this monthly offering Save With Dave.  It features David Glenn who is a staffer with NEA Member Benefits who works with IEA Member Benefits to bring you valuable information about your benefits. It is up and running again for this school year. 

IEA Member Benefits also offers a Facebook page with valuable benefits information and we post Save With Dave there as well.

Be sure to also check out the IEA Member Benefits website and the NEA Member Benefits website.  Here you will find valuable information about all the 5 dozen or so benefits you receive because you are a member!

You are now reading our monthly e-newsletter which also brings you information about your benefits. 

Our motto: “It’s all about the member.”  TAKE ADVANTAGE!