We all make these promises to ourselves at the beginning of a new year.  And…invariably we, maybe as soon as two weeks later, have broken that “new year’s resolution” and gone back to our norm.  BUT – THIS NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION, if you keep it and “keep on” keeping it will save you money BECAUSE YOU ARE A MEMBER OF THE IEA/NEA.

IEA members have provided great examples of the savings they have experienced using the IEA’s Educator Access Discount Program:  $200 savings on a trip to Orlando; a $230 room in Hawaii for $95; $100 savings at the Anniversary Inn in Boise; two for one pizzas; $645 savings on a rafting trip!  Here’s an interesting fact: From May to October 2021, IEA members saved collectively $5,287 using this IEA Member Benefit!

You can enjoy similar savings: go to the IEA Member Benefits website and explore all the ways you can save! While you are there, check out the Access Educator Discount Program.  You can sign up for this program at the top right corner of their homepage. Just click the button labeled “Sign Up.” Be ready with your personal email and IEA Member number. If you don’t know it or need help, contact IEA Member Benefits. Do you want your deals on the go? No probelm! The Access Educator Discount program has an app called MyDeals on Google Play and in the App Store. When you sign up on the app, choose the IEA as your organization and use the code 1006. The app will alert you when there is a deal nearby!     

Other ways to save with Member Benefits discounts:

Register on the NEA Member Benefits website to take advantage of all the great NEAMB discounts at

REPEAT AFTER ME:  I do solemnly swear, that I will use my NEA/IEA Member Benefits  discount programs forever, and save oodles of money, and ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!