As of November 1st, IEA Member Benefits has a new discount benefit for all IEA members and their families.  Air St. Luke’s is an air (helicopter and plane) ambulance service for all of Idaho and some surrounding states.  An annual membership will cost members $45/year, a discount of 25% from regular public membership prices.


  • Air St. Luke’s covers transport to the closest, medically appropriate facility as determined by medical personnel.
  • Provides coverage for the following members within a household: the primary member, a spouse or domestic partner and any unmarried dependent(s) claimed on the primary member’s income tax return.  Dependent children must be younger than 19, or younger than 24 and a full-time student. 
  • This benefit is not an insurance or investment program, has no guaranteed benefit, and is secondary to all other insurance benefits and health care cost sharing programs.

How to Apply

To receive a membership application for Air St. Luke’s, visit the IEA Member Benefits contact page at Contact – IEA Member Benefits and request an Air St. Luke’s application.

Air St. Luke’s and Partner Coverage Area

Air St. Luke’s covers Southern and Central Idaho, Eastern Oregon, and Northern Nevada from their bases in Boise and Twin Falls. And the coverage area for Air St. Luke’s members goes beyond their local region through their partners in the Association of Air Medical Memberships Programs (AAMMP). This reciprocal program expands their reach through a partnership of nonprofit air medical providers in Northern and Eastern Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Western Montana, and Northern California south to the Santa Barbara areas.

For further information about this new benefit, visit our website: Air St. Luke’s Medical Transport – IEA Member Benefits.