IEA Members Awarded the Music and Arts Grant from California Casualty

In an earlier story about music and art grant awards from California Casualty, IEA MBC listed the winners of this year’s awards. These IEA members were presented with their awards over the last few weeks.

Idaho members in the music and arts curriculum areas apply for those grants from California Casualty (a business partner offering auto and home insurance benefits to IEA members since 1988.) As is the usual case every year, IEA members received several $250 grants from California Casualty.  Congratulations again to our recipients and thanks to California Casualty. 

Once again, here are the IEA Grant recipients, plus we have added photos.

            Greg Felton – Chaparral Elementary School – Meridian

            Emily White – Hillside Junior High School – Boise

            Marci Greear – Koelsch Elementary School – Boise

            Mitzi Hull – Midway Elementary School – Menan

            Charles Diemart – Owyhee Elementary School – Boise