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Plus, NEA Members receive Free Delivery on orders over $399** every day.

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 *Delivery not available in Alaska, Hawaii and other select ZIP codes within the continental U.S. To verify delivery to   your home, enter your deliver-to zip code on the login page of the GE Appliances Store.


SAVE ON a NEW VEHICLE: Check Out 2019 End-of-Model Year Closeout Deals Through the NEA AUTO BUYING PROGRAM

If you’re in the market for a new or used car, the NEA Auto Buying Program through TrueCar is the first place you should look! NEA members and their families enjoy preferred pricing year-round, save an average of $3,402 off MSRP on new cars, plus get these other benefits:

  • Used Car Discounts—Save hundreds off the list price.*
  • See What Others Paid—See what others have paid for the same car so you know when you’re getting a good or a great price.
  • Upfront Pricing—See pricing, price rankings, and lock in Guaranteed Savings on the car you want before you even leave home.
  • Enjoy a Hassle-Free Experience—Bring in your Price Certificate to a Certified Dealer or show it on your mobile phone.

NEA members also receive TrueCar Buyer’s Bonus Benefits at no additional cost, including Auto Repair Reimbursement and Auto Deductible Reimbursement – benefits that could be worth up to $2,000 (available in most states).

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*Discounts not available on all cars or in all states.



Fall is here and you’ve finally begun to settle into a routine at work and home, but you’re also noticing some kids are starting to act up and maybe you’ve even noticed you’re struggling to maintain momentum. Between lesson-planning, grading and parent teacher conferences, you may be feeling a bit maxed out- but the Holidays will be here before you even notice. Whether you’re looking for ways to start prepping for holiday travel and shopping, or you need tips on retirement planning before Open Enrollment ends, has tips and advice that will help you make it to Winter Break.

  • Protecting yourself and your family is so important we have a new section of our site dedicated to helping you figure out how. Learn how to protect the Moments that Matter, myths about life insurance, and more resources to make sure everyone is taken care of.
  • If you’re planning to save time and money by doing holiday shopping online, make sure to find out more about how to do so safely. During National Cybersecurity Month we’re going to have the information you need to know to make sure you are safe and secure online. Find all this and more at
  • Already thinking about Winter Break? We have the breakdown about what’s new at America’s Theme Parks, as well as incredible deals on cruises for National Plan A Cruise Month. We also have tips and tricks on how to plan hassle-free holiday travel planning. Go to
  • Winter is coming- make sure your car is ready by checking out our Car Care Checklist. We also have information on the NEA Auto Buying Program, just in time for the end of the model year so that you can get the best possible deal out there.
  • Open Enrollment Season is about to end- have you made sure you’re saving everything you need so that you’re able to enjoy your retirement when that time comes? Run the numbers on our Retirement calculators and read more about how to boost your savings by investing outside of your pension.
  • Don’t forget about the Life Insurance Awareness Month Sweepstakes for a chance to win up to $500! Contest ends October 15!


The Educator Access Discount Program is a way for IEA members to save money on every day, local purchases, online purchases, hotels, restaurants, automotive services, condos and resorts, cruises and tours, entertainment and recreation, movies, services, etc., etc., etc. 

How much money is “SCADS”?  IEA Members who have used the program have saved, in the past 12 months, $124,866.00!!  Another way to illustrate:

  • For the January through June, 2019 period the following is reported:  Using the online provider in January our members redeemed 128 times saving $5402; February – 118, $5394; March – 106, $4178; April – 43, $1122; May – 52, $1198; June – 60, $5592
  • For the same period and using the mobile app:  January – 57, $7741; February – 70, $2583; March – 65, $1246; April – 29, $334; May – 37, $1764; June – 47, $5062.
  • And the combined (online and app):  January – 185, $13,143; February – 188, $7,977; March – 171, $5,424; April – 72, $1,456; May – 89, $2,962; June – 107, $10,654.
  • You combine all those stats and you have in this 6-month period:  1842 redeems from IEA members for a total savings of those redemptions of $81,646. average that out and the figures comes to $44.32 savings for each redemption.

How do you take advantage of similar savings?  Go to the IEA website (, scroll down to the picture of the IEA membership card, (click).  This takes you to the Educator Access web site.  Here you register using your member number and the email address that IEA has on file for you.  (If you don’t know your member number, any IEA office can tell you or check out the mailing label on any NEA mailing to you.)  Once you have registered you can visit anytime.  You will see that there are thousands of options for savings.  Search and enjoy!  While there you can check out how to download a mobile app so that you will be able to save money anywhere!!


From the IEA President

“The IEA is the voice for public education in Idaho, the leader in professional development opportunities, and the greatest source for support for the education profession. Having access to discounts from an array of vendors through Member Benefits is an added bonus for members!”

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