NEA Member Benefits and the NEA Members Insurance Trust are excited to announce that, as of June 25, 2020, NEA members can enroll in the premium version of the NEA Student Debt Navigator for a full year at no cost!

The NEA Student Debt Navigator, offered in partnership with Savi, a social impact technology company working to solve the student loan debt crisis, was developed in response to an astounding $1.5 Trillion in student debt burdening 43 million Americans today. The average NEA member carries student loan debt of $25,000 to $30,000, with many topping $40,000! The tool helps student loan borrowers navigate the confusing landscape of loan repayment and forgiveness options available through the federal Teacher Loan Forgiveness and Public Service Loan Forgiveness programs.

While NEA members have had free access to the basic version of the online Student Debt Navigator—previously called the NEA Student Loan Forgiveness Navigator—for more than a year on, the premium version was available for a fee of $29.95 per year (albeit highly discounted from the $99 annual cost to the general public).

The major advantage of the premium version of the Navigator is that it provides the technical support of Savi’s student loan experts who can answer members’ questions and help them fill out and e-file their student or public service loan forgiveness applications. This personal assistance greatly increases the likelihood that members will successfully complete the process and, hopefully, reduce or eliminate some of their student loan debt!

The year of premium access to the NEA Student Debt Navigator is one of the no-cost benefits provided by the NEA Members Insurance Trust, which include the NEA Introductory Life and NEA Complimentary Life Insurance programs.

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