In the September 2019 issue of this newsletter a story was run that encouraged IEA members to enter the IEA into a contest in a competition for new member registrations on the NEA Member Benefits website. Two things happened: 

(1) Our members read that story.

(2) Apparently a lot of our members entered the IEA into the contest by registering on the site. 

The results:

The IEA affiliate is one of the top nine State Education Associations (ranked number 7 of the 51 state affiliates) with the most new website registrations.  As the seventh place finisher, the IEA has won 25 vouchers for premium in SAVI (Student Loan Forgiveness Navigator).

SAVI, an online student loan evaluation tool, allows you to determine your repayment options, and shows you what your potential savings could be for FREE. The average user finds over $1,500/year in savings.

Once you see your options, you can choose to apply for the programs, (like premium) which includes an e-filing service and 1-on-1 support from student loan experts for $29.95. These 25 vouchers will allow 25 teachers to receive premium for FREE!

The dispersal of these 25 vouchers is yet to be determined.  Thanks to all of you who registered!  Twenty-five IEA members who are carrying student loan debt will be happy.

From the IEA President

"IEA Member Benefits program provides education professionals with savings, discounts, products and services to enrich their professional and personal lives. This is an amazing program and an added benefit to being a member of the Idaho Education Association."

Layne McInelly
Idaho Education Association

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208.344.8336 / 800.223.6583

IEA Member Benefits Corporation
620 N 6th Street - Boise Idaho 83702

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