Q:      I want to purchase good homeowners insurance. Do I have to be a member?

A:      Yes, you must be a member of NEA/IEA to use any of the dozens of  benefits offered.

Q:      How do I claim life insurance benefits?

A:      NEA has several life insurance programs. The policy document will tell you how to file a claim. Please contact NEA Member Benefits to check the member record about which insurance is in place.

*Contact NEAMB by email

*Contact NEAMB by phone
Mon-Fri: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET
Sat: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. ET

*Contact NEAMB by mail
NEA Member Benefits
900 Clopper Road, Ste. 300
Gaithersburg, MD 20878-1356

Q:      I can’t find the NEA discount for Disney.

A:      Discounts for the various Disney properties are available from these programs: NEA Click and Save or IEA Tickets at Work.

Q:      How do I know if I qualify for one of the benefits offered?

A:      All benefits will require that you be a current member of NEA/IEA. In addition, some life insurance may require a medical exam, and some may require you meet an age criteria. Visit NEA Member Benefits for details of each program.

Q:      I want to cancel my insurance.

A:      Cancellation of insurance is guided by the specific policy. Refer to the contract you received for those instructions. Complimentary Life Insurance will cancel automatically when you are no longer actively employed as a member; it does not follow you into retirement status.

Q:      Where do I find information on benefits I can enjoy as a member of NEA/IEA?

A:      All benefit information is available online. Visit the NEA Member Benefits site for national programs. For information on benefits that are exclusive to Idaho membership, visit IEA Member Benefits. Or contact IEA Member Benefits at 208-344-8336 / 800-223-6583.

Q:     I need to meet with an attorney. Is there a benefit to members for legal consultation?

A:     See NEA Attorney Referral Service. This information is available online at: http://idahoea.org/member-benefits/great-discounts-for-attorney-services/

Q:      How do I find my membership number?

A:    Once your membership has been entered into the national database, the IEA associates in your region produce identification cards. You may contact IEA headquarters at 208-344-1341 / 800-727-9922 to request your number.

Q:      How do I get the Educator Access Mobile MyDeals App?

A:      The mobile app for the Access Educators Discount is found on the iTunes store or on the Google Play Store using your smart phone. Instructions for obtaining the free app are on the home page at https://idahoea.accessdevelopment.com/home.

NOTE: Be sure you register on their website before downloading the app.

Q:     Is there a member benefit when I buy or sell my home?

A:     The IEA has an exclusive program for its Idaho Members called Giving to Teach. This is an excellent benefit for members who are relocating, downsizing or buying their first home. Details are available online or by contacting Sherry Tarrant.

Sherry Tarrant
Giving to Teach
208-939-5151 / 208-369-0815

Q:     I am about to go on Medicare. Does my membership include any health insurance I can use with Medicare?

A:     NEA has a variety of insurance products that may suit your needs. These include:

NEA Group Part D Program — Offers comprehensive prescription drug coverage and competitive nationwide rates not available to the general public.

NEA Retiree Health Program — Medicare supplement insurance offering freedom of choice, lower rates, and other added features, and is underwritten by United American Insurance Company.

NEA Dental and Vision Insurance Program — Offers comprehensive and affordable dental coverage plans for you and your family, plus the option to add vision coverage.

NEA Long-Term Care Program — Offers you free educational materials to inform you about all available options for your long-term healthcare needs.