You have seen from other communications from the IEA that the state office in Boise is closed due to the virus.  As a consequence, the two staff members of IEA Member Benefits have had to vacate the building.  However, at the state level and the national level, adjustments have been made to insure that all of our members continue to receive the valuable benefits that come with their membership.  Those two IEA Member Benefits staff are working remotely from their homes and can continue to provide assistance if necessary.

Director Dick Chilcote can be reached at email:; Member Benefits Associate Collette Elton can be reached at  They have had to abandon their office phones to work from home so if you have a specific question that needs some further explanation by phone, in your email please include your phone contact.  The NEA Member Benefits staffer, David Glenn, who works with Idaho can be reached by phone at 1-800-360-1296.  All three can assist if you have questions. 

And…there are several online references to inform you about your benefits:

NEA Member Benefits:

IEA Member Benefits:

One of the most popular benefits for members is the Educator Access Discount Program.  With this benefit you can get discounts on hundreds of thousands of purchases locally, nationally, and online.  We have been informed that you can continue to receive those discounts uninterrupted (if you can find a discount at a location that is open 🙂).  This benefit continued unabated even through the recent earthquake in Salt Lake City where the benefit is headquartered.

You will find other stories in this month’s newsletter about how your benefits are being modified to insure that your membership remains valuable.

From the IEA President

"IEA Member Benefits program provides education professionals with savings, discounts, products and services to enrich their professional and personal lives. This is an amazing program and an added benefit to being a member of the Idaho Education Association."

Layne McInelly
Idaho Education Association

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