For information on NEA Member Benefits:
  • By phone: toll free 1-800-637-4636
  • On the web:
  • On your smartphone: Send a text 73915 with one of these keywords finance / insurance / discounts / travel / professional and wait for the reply.
  • NEA State Liaison for Idaho: David Glenn (c) 314-518-8962
For information on IEA exclusive benefits:
  • By phone: 208-344-8336 / 800-223-6583
  • On the web:
  • By email :
  • IEA MBC Director: Dick Chilcote 208-344-8336 / 800-223-6583 / 208-585-4985
You may also submit your questions about any member benefit program using this form. Please be sure to only use a personal/home email address on this form.

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