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IEA Member Benefits Launches New Website

“No foolin!”  (This is April Fool’s Day, don’tcha know.)

IEA Member Benefits has launched a new website in response to advice from the IEA Technical Specialist. This will make IEA Member Benefits more visible to you, our valued members.  Now you can get to all of the benefits available to you as an association member more quickly.

See us at and continue to learn and use the dozens of benefits available to you that makes your membership valuable.  Be sure to bookmark this site.

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May is Member Appreciation Month!

This notice is a month early but we wanted to give you a “heads up” so you can get ready! We’ll remind you again with the May newsletter.

NEA Member Benefits is going all out to celebrate NEA members throughout May! Here’s how we’re appreciating YOU all month long

31 Days of Giving – You’ll have a chance to win awesome daily prizes – or the grand prize of $1,000 – every day in May! Starting at noon ET on May 1, go to every afternoon to find out that day’s giveaway. You can enter once a day, every day, through May 31.

Limited-time deals and freebies – You’ll also have access to lots of exclusive discounts and gifts to thank you for all the hard work you do every day.

This is our way of saying “thank you” for everything that you do to help shape America’s future.

Don’t miss out: Go to starting May 1!


You Deserve a Secure Financial Future

Whether you are just starting your career, already retired or somewhere in-between, the NEA Retirement Program offers educational resources and investment products to help you manage your retirement planning and income needs.

Educational Resources

The NEA Retirement Planning Center is designed to help you become better informed and prepared to navigate the changing and challenging retirement landscape. The Center provides free access to helpful online tools, including:

  • Retirement income calculator with personalized projections of your specific state pension and other financial accounts
  • Kiplinger’s Retirement Report
  • Timely articles focused on your life stage

Visit the Retirement Planning Center.

Investment Products

In partnership with Security Benefit, the NEA Retirement Program offers a suite of products to help you save for retirement throughout the different stages of your life. And, you have the choice of working with an NEA Retirement Specialist who can help guide you (contact IEA Member Benefits to find out who your Retirement Specialist is in your locale – his/her services are free to members) or you can take advantage of Self-Directed Investing.

To learn more about our Program options, please visit Investment Products.

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Planning For Retirement: Worse Than Going to the Dentist?

Contributed by: Security Benefit

Many of us hate going to the dentist. We put it off, and what may have been a workable problem becomes much more difficult (and painful). The same can be true about saving for retirement. The results of the annual Employee Benefit Research Institute’s (EBRI) Retirement Confidence Survey® reported that only 18 percent of Americans who said they were very confident they would have enough savings for a comfortable retirement.1 Nearly 25% indicated they were not at all confident they will have a comfortable retirement.

If you lack confidence about your retirement, there’s something you can do about it. Contact a local financial representative working with Security Benefit (the NEA Member Benefits sponsored investment company) to discuss how you can supplement your state-sponsored retirement plan. Some experts say you should plan for as much as 100 percent of your pre-retirement income in retirement. Your state pension and Social Security (if available) will likely fall short of that goal.

Talk with that financial advisor to help you understand some of the basic questions or issues you might face in retirement. They should be able to help you understand what your pension benefit will be, when to take your Social Security, and help you identify any income gaps you may have in retirement.

Contact that local financial advisor about starting or reviewing your retirement savings plan—before it becomes as painful as “pulling teeth!”

Please contact IEA Member Benefits at (208) 344-8336 / (800) 223-6583 for assistance locating your nearest representative.


Security Benefit is the investment company that is sponsored by NEA Member Benefits to provide investment opportunities for IEA/NEA members. For details, see NEA Retirement Program.
Services and securities are offered through Security Distributors, Inc. (SDI). SDI is a subsidiary of SBL and SBL is wholly owned by Security Benefit Corporation (“Security Benefit”).

From the IEA Executive Director

"I feel that being an IEA member is a professional right and responsibility. Partnering with MBC just makes your membership an even more valuable resource." Sue (Scott) Wigdorski Idaho Education Association Executive Director

From the IEA President

"Membership pays in so many ways including the partnership with Member Benefits. In addition to advocacy, professional development, support for our profession, and more, members also receive a vast array of discounts from a score of vendors who support our mission." Penni L. Cyr President, Idaho Education Association